About us

Glister India is leading
Company in Morbi ceramic industry

The industry is growing rapidly and kaolin clay is used in many industries. To date, most solutions are obtained from kaolin clay. This is where we play our role. We are a leading kaolin clay manufacturer and exporter around the world.

We are a company based in Morbi, Gujarat that supplies kaolin clay which is used to achieve a high level of quality in ceramic tiles in our area. we take our commitment to sustainability seriously, it is central to our business growth and transformation. We produce 250 MT Tons of China Clay per day. Our clays are manufactured under advanced tech-enabled plants and experienced workers using expert chemical formulas and good ingredients mined from natural mines. We finalize the processed clay only after it is tested by the quality controller in our lab so that there is no defect in quality. We are a reputable company in the market due to our regular supply and finest quality products.

To make it a global company we will set up more branches of the company at various locations leading both in quality and productivity.

Become a global sustainable brand till 2025 in the kaolin clay industry and contribute to the economy of the country as well as the world.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction along with organizational principles, keeping in mind basic ethics, and following company principles.

Our Industry-Principles
Why Choose us

Here is a few reasons that will connect you with us.

Fully organized structure with experts.
Natural mining with full control and certification.
Providing clay in a different use case with proper parameters.
Consistent supply with all-over accessibility.
Produce high-level silicate mineral.
Fully well-managed delivery for any quantity.
Experienced workers staff for solving problems.